Instruction about rifle dismantling, changing the breech seal and piston seal and about gas spring montage.

Attention! During the dismantling some pins from trigger unit and from the cocking lever are falling down.


During the rifle dismantling it is better to use a clamp.

Remove two screws (40) on the sides and one screw (41) beside the trigger blade and separate the action from the stock (44).

​Remove the plastic back cover.

Remove the screw (9) of the scope stop (10).

Remove the back block pin (11). Carefully - there is a compressed spring.

​Remove the back block and the spring,

Remove the cocking lever pins (18) and remove the cocking lever (34) by pulling the cocking link (38) out.

Remove the sear pin (31) and remove the sear (30) trough the cylinder tube.

Remove the piston (3)  and the compression tube (1) from the cylinder tube (13).

Replace the breech seal. Notice that for reaching better results the transfer port must have 3mm diameter.

Remove the piston seal screw (2) and install the seal adapter.

Put the piston seal on the seal adapter.

Remove properly the grease out of the compression tube.

Put the piston with the piston seal inside the compression tube and apply the grease on the back side of the piston.

Must not use silicone! Remember that must NOT be the grease in front of the piston seal in the compression tube.

Put carefully the compression tube (1) with the piston (3) inside the cylinder tube (13). Don’t damage the breech seal.

Return the sear (30) and fix it by the pin (31).

Return the cocking link (38) and the cocking lever (34) and fix them by the pins (18).

For the gas spring montage you must to remove the spring guide from the back block and do the 3-5mm deepening by the 10mm drill.

​Put the gas spring by the cylinder into the piston (3).

Put the washer into the back block (14).

Put the gas spring rod into the centre of the washer.

Compress in the clamp and put the back block pin (11) in.

Return the scope stop (9,10) .

Install the stock (44).