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This website is made for rifle lovers.


Here you can gain the knowledge, which was collected for years on the internet and was verified by

my own personal experience.

Each article is supported by photos, documents and sketches.


Here you will learn how to choose a rifle, how to take care for it, how to choose a calibre, how to step up the power. Which rifles are the strongest or you can read reviews about Gamo, Hammerli, Hatsan and Slavia


Why is necessary to know or improve something?

Rifle is not an easy tool and it is necessary to have at least any basic for long time of using. The

store sellers are not interested in long working life of your rifle, and generally they doesn't say how

to start. And finding informations on the internet is not easy. Usually you have to read a long

articles several times in different languages. And there are websites which belongs to some stores,

and it's not easy to publish a critique.

I hope that this website will make less in rifle disappointed people and more people who will start

to love their rifles more. After all a rifle which was upgraded with your own hands becomes closer

to your heart

You can order gas springs, piston seals and breech seals by e-mail.